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Political will in Abuja is certainly the key element in ending the fuel subsidy scam.
The withdrawal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government generated heated debates by Nigerians from all walks of life, including the civil society groups and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), owing to its implications on the nation's socio-economic landscape.
This round of unrest started Monday after the government announced another set of fuel subsidy cutbacks, causing pump prices to almost double overnight.
Governments find it difficult to eliminate fuel subsidy programmes.
The fuel subsidy has become a political tool rather than an economic policy instrument to keep inflation low.
The ministry this week, in a letter to the oil ministry, said it will pay ` 5,324 crore in fuel subsidy for the January- March quarter, effectively meeting all of the revenue retailers lost on selling domestic LPG and kerosene at subsidised prices.
The meeting was held to put an end to the volatile security situation and the political deadlock associated with the government's fuel subsidy cuts which came into effect late July.
The targeted transfers are designed to ensure the poorest households have access to cash assistance during this period of economic hardship aggravated by the fuel subsidy reform measures.
WHAT: Release of PennFuture's 2015 Fossil Fuel Subsidy Report
Nigerians may soon brace up for major industrial unrest, following President Goodluck Jonathan's administration's decision to phase out the controversial fuel subsidy regime from January 2012.
They told Petra that the prices of dairy products, sweets and popular meals had risen because of the move to lift the fuel subsidy, and consumers say they are told that the cost of such items had soared.