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This overcast winter's afternoon (March 2014) is no different: Both Hamilton and Fugate trade off behind the counter--handselling, as it's called in the trade--talking about books they've read, connecting a customer to something new.
In a letter to the president, Landrieu and Vitter say they want Fugate stay where he is "to ensure that any personnel changes will not adversely affect National Flood Insurance Program policyholders struggling to understand the various changes impacting their insurance.
When talking about his business, Fugate says, "We're East Tennessee people, we know how to do asset protection and income planning," as if those skills were as naturally acquired as baking an apple stack cake for a country wedding.
President Barack Obama waves as he follows Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate onto Air Force One at Atlantic City International Airport
Fahr was previously the managing editor at the Jonesboro Sun, taking over after Larry Fugate was fired in the summer of 2005.
Fugate, was presented the Air Force's Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award at a ceremony here today, marking his retirement after 35 years of federal service.
area and James Fugate of Esowan Books, Los Angeles, California.
It only took a couple of days for Danielle Boudreau and Bekkie Fugate to find Teri-lynn House once they started looking in early August.
Chloe Fugate is an eleven-year-old artist from Birmingham, Alabama, who is full of hope, desire and talent.
Fugate proposed a motion that gay men and lesbians "cannot live in Rhea County or abide in Rhea County.
We wanted to spend our marketing dollars touting CrossFire, not someone else's national brand," said Michael Fugate, Kingdom's Internet and marketing manager.