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The memorandum restricting Fugee's ministry was signed in July 2007, more than a year after an appeals court reversed a five-year probation sentence and jury's conviction of Fugee for aggravated criminal sexual contact.
He's a member of the Fugees who studies martial arts with a monk in Chinatown, a producer who turned Carlos Santana's career around, and a celeb who used to go out with Lauryn Hill and is good mates with Naomi Campbell and Quincy Jones.
She first found international stardom as the sweet-voiced lead singer with The Fugees, but the scrumptious Lauryn Hill is now a superstar in her own right after the release of her debut album.
Michael Fugee, a priest who continued ministering to children in violation of a court order after being tried for sexually assaulting a teenage boy, has led to calls for Archbishop John J.
FORMER Fugee Lauryn Hill is being lined up to star in a new movie based on the life of reggae legend Bob Marley - and she will play her real-life mother-in-law.
Working with Sean Paul (Dance Hall), Akon (Mr Martin) and the superb Sharli McQueen on backing vocals, even fellow Fugee Wyclef Jean turns up in Angels Sing
WYCLEF JEAN: 911 (Columbia) Fugee opens a world of hurt and pities the fools.
Myers cited "operational failures" for Doran's resignation and the archdiocese's inability to supervise Fugee.
Either way, looks like the smooth-voiced ex Fugee has found herself on the wrong side of the law.