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Pingtel's full featured SIPxchange ECS provides dramatic savings for enterprises with as few as 10 and as many as 5,000 seats.
ChatterEmail is a full featured email application for Palm OS based Treo smartphones that directly connects users to their email environment.
Rob Harris, Director of Marketing & Business Development at PDSi commented, "As companies look to develop AdvancedTCA(R) based products for expanding market opportunities, our 2U shelf is a full featured platform with long-term value.
Thus, the A7 Application Development Board by comparison is full featured but smaller, lower cost, and easier to design with than traditional microprocessor development boards.
In addition to combining the features and benefits of BSQUARE's Xpress Kits and BlueWater Systems' WinDK for Windows CE into a full featured development suite, the new Suite will also include other aids to help driver development projects.
Full Featured LCD Front Projector Combines Value and Versatility

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