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Little Full Stop from the Land of Dot is lost and falls through space onto Earth, crash landing on the letter 'a'.
We get them right with commas and full stops to start with, but by the time they get to the end of their time here, they are using the full range of punctuation.
Through doing something like this, which uses the IT skills they already possess, it gives them a real focus on using full stops, capital letters and so on.
Advice from the agency includes using commas to make lists, putting capital letters at the beginning of sentences and using full stops to "show where a sentence ends".
A MISSING comma or full stop in a police file can mean a criminal going free, a police chief warned yesterday.
a novel with no commas or capital letters and few full stops was last night awarded the respected booker prize.
In the writing of many youngsters, full stops have been replaced by dashes, colons and semi-colons.
I advised her to stop using colons, abandon her dashes and make it her discipline to write using only full stops and the occasional comma.
You can't have a sentence that's only two words long," she exclaimed as I put the missing full stops in her prose.
What full stops are in themselves, however, had not hitherto been considered.
Banner achieves a remarkable range of forms by expanding full stops in different fonts to 1800 point size and then projecting them into three-dimensional objects: cubes, spheres, ellipsoids, and other less orthodox shapes of quite varying sizes.
Inherited from the EOS-1D Mark II model is the new camera's white balance correction feature that permits nine +/-adjustments in full step increments; compensation for blue/amber bias or magenta/green bias; white balance bracketing in three +/- full stop increments and auto white balance derived exclusively from image sensor data.