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SIMPLEX. Simple or single; as, charta simplex, is a deed-poll, of single deed. Jacob's L. Dict. h.t.

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Sabharwal said Rice is planning to roll its full-duplex innovations into its "wireless open-access research platform," or Warp.
SAS' full-duplex, point-to-point architecture also supports simultaneous active connections among multiple initiators and high-performance SAS targets.
The hub also accommodates regular 10 Mb/s Ethernet ports, so traffic from stations on these LAN segments can be concentrated over the full-duplex link to the server or another hub.
Racal InterLan's full-duplex Ethernet XLerator cards provide significant performance gains over standard half-duplex Ethernet cards.
The Chat 50 connects to PCs, cell phones, telephone handsets, MP3 players, and video conferencing systems, and delivers unmatched full-duplex capability.
The Aura Mobile BT turns a mobile phone, PC, desktop phone, or cordless phone into a high-quality full-duplex conferencing product.
Acoustic's SoundClear technology enables a natural bi-directional conversation through acoustic and network echo cancellation, as well as sound enhancement and full-duplex control.
The mobile phone market demand for acoustical clarity and advanced conferencing capabilities require the robust and high-quality full-duplex speakerphone performance that SoundClear delivers.
SPIRIT's flagship product - award-winning multi-point full-duplex voice conferencing engine TeamSpirit (TM) - already deployed by both Oracle and Macromedia, provides superior voice quality, not only in peer-to-peer talk, but also in multi-point full-duplex conferencing, allowing each person speak up and be heard even in double talk.
Acoustic Technologies, a leading developer of high-quality full-duplex speech processing solutions, announced that their popular SoundClear technology is embedded in the new Bluetooth Conference Phone (BTC) from Zultys Technologies.
Roughly the size of a computer mouse, the Chatterbox is a full-duplex speakerphone with adjustable volume and mute controls.
These optical blocks incorporate the company's advanced laser diodes and photodiodes along with an integrated wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs) to enable full-duplex communications over a single optical fiber.