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Llega entonces, en el climax de la expectativa, el fulmen in clausula, introducido por una pregunta: ?
To pressure Iran to end its proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities, the Council adopted decisions and regulations in 2010 freezing the funds of Fulmen and of Fereydoun Mahmoudian, its chairman, as well as those of Manufacturing Support & Procurement Kala Naft Co (Kala Naft), considered to be involved in the nuclear programme.
b) El subrayado breve <<Ouidij flumen, Lucani fulmen, abyssum / Virgilij, morsus satyrae, solonis asilum>> (p.
Bates, 1866) 316 Calephelis browni 2 McAlpine, 1971 317 Calephelis clenchi 2 McAlpine, 1971 318 Calephelis fulmen 2 Stichel, 1910 319 Calephelis stallingsi 2 McAlpine, 1971 320 Calephelis maya McAlpine, 1971 2 321 Calephelis wellingi 2 wellingi McAlpine, 1971 322 Calephelis tikal Austin, 1993 2 323 Calephelis velutina 1 2 b (Godman & Salvin, 1878) 324 Calociasma laius (Godman 2 & Salvin, 1886) 325 Caria domitianus b vejento Clench, 1967 326 Caria n.
En la traduccion anonima el recurso al latin es constante: boreas, 'viento del norte', campania, 'campo', coxa, 'muslo', cotis, 'piedra aguzadera', cristula de sangre, ferax, 'feraz' (27), fulgur, 'relampago' y fulmen, 'rayo', incenso (quemamiento incenso), juniperus, mento, 'barba, menton', motu, moto, 'movimiento', pabulo, 'pasto', edomada, 'semana' (28), endelechia, gengiba, gengiva, 'encia', oniquio (escrito onichio) 'onice', sacaces, 'secuaces', etc.
When Earth asks her new-bom Giants to battle the gods, she says, "rapiat fulmen sceptrumque Typhoeus" ["Let Typhoeus seize the thunderbolt and the sceptre'] (Gigant.
Life grows more tragic when, shortly after Niobe's death, Vorenus's children are snatched by vengeful local gang leader Erastes Fulmen (Lorcan Cranitch), who later reveals he's murdered them in revenge for all the wrongs Vorenus has done.