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The purpose of the study was to seek consensus on the fundamental dimensions and essential elements of an exemplary local Extension unit.
The results have shown that shariah, tangibles, rates and charges, reliability and bankcustomer relationship are the fundamental dimensions of service quality in Islamic banking.
Fundamental dimensions of social judgment: Understanding the relations between judgments of competence and warmth.
One of the most fundamental dimensions to consider is the role information technology will play.
Far from opening up new vistas, it engulfs the reader in its tunnel vision and shuts off many fundamental dimensions revealed over the years by conventional criticism.
The radical reorientation of the Senate's role in the national political system before the mid-nineteenth century was the product, in the author's terms, of "reconstitutive" change: "a rapid, marked, and enduring shift in the fundamental dimensions of the institution" (p.
Within the first perspective, four fundamental dimensions are explored in detail, including the resource base, the "market," the farmer, and the government.
This world may be seen as consisting of three fundamental dimensions.
the author has identified three fundamental dimensions to outline the competitive landscape within the pharmaceutical industry; compound type, therapy area and target type.
Williams's study brings to the fore fundamental dimensions of Hegel's concept of recognition that have hitherto been overlooked or misrepresented.
Products grouped into major target families, including GPCRs, enzymes, extracellular signalling proteins (ECS), ion channels and nuclear receptors - Comprehensive analysis of forecast sales to 2012 by the three fundamental dimensions of pharma space: molecule type, therapy area and target family - Discussion of the factors driving the variable performance of different ATC drug classes
The publisher has identified three fundamental dimensions that describe a product's position within the pharma space--molecule type, therapy area and target type.

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