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I presented fundamental information on body and facial proportions.
Researchers are seeking fundamental information on how small molecule dynamics control the stability of the polymer networks, and hence the shelf life of foods, and also how polymeric structures can be used to entrap small molecules, and then specifically release them when and where they are needed.
This includes fundamental information on where and when any medical treatment should cease based on the wishes of the person themselves - so called 'living wills'.
The outcome of this work will yield fundamental information about the complex relationship between a protein's structural features and its chemical binding properties, and also aid in evaluating its potential biomedical applications.
Several common factors account for this pattern of stunted use of information: missing leadership from the top or pressure to move too fast, cut corners, and skew the evidence to reach a conclusion the leader has signaled he or she favors; complacency with existing systems; a culture of information hoarding rather than sharing; adoption of technological "fixes" instead of addressing underlying business processes and goals; and inattention to fundamental information management practices such as usable filing systems and records schedules.
He said, 'The tools we use collate fundamental information to allow fundamental decisions to be made.
It will provide the OFT with fundamental information on costs which we .
This book presents a thorough up-to-date view of compression molding processing techniques and provides fundamental information on the chemistry, physics, material science and process engineering.
Citicus Ltd, a London-based provider of automated risk management systems based on the Fundamental Information Risk Management method, has upgraded its software to better integrate with corporate directories.
The book supplies fundamental information about, for instance, how bridges are built and homes are powered, as welt as details of inventions ranging from the printing press to the hypodermic syringe.
So while executives are not using a lot of inside information in their trading decisions, their more cautious interpretation of publicly available fundamental information does contain an important message: if top executives don't believe the extremes of the market but actively go against them in their trading decisions, maybe individual investors should not believe them, either.
Such information would: allow development of novel non-invasive methods to evaluate pulmonary hypertension (the current standard uses invasive catheterization techniques); provide fundamental information about the dynamics of the reactive vasculature associated with pulmonary hypertension; facilitate development of numerical models incorporating blood flow and arterial wall characteristics, which in turn can be used to study disease progression, reaction to clinical interventions, long-term changes, etc.

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