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Fundamental Law

The constitution of a state or nation; the basic law and principles contained in federal and state constitutions that direct and regulate the manner in which government is exercised.

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fundamental law

some provision upon which the rest or a part of the legal system is based and which accordingly either cannot be changed or can be changed only by following special provisions. An example is the Constitution of the USA.
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Freedom of expression is provided by the fundamental law in Article 38 which expressly invokes the freedom of all media and institutions of public communication, free access to information and to public expression, including the right to manifest one's convictions as provided in Article 40 and minorities' right to express their cultural identity as provided in Article 11.
But, it is mainly to understand what are the basic constituents of nature, what are the fundamental laws that drive everything we see around us," he said.
Speaking at the ceremony for application of the 1,305-article civil code, Japanese ambassador Masafumi Kuroki said, ''The civil code is a basic and fundamental law for the people's life.
Moreover, the quest for fundamental laws of nature overlaps with longstanding philosophical and religious concerns.
That, by its nature, the conduct at issue causes harm or presents a significant risk of harm to individuals or society in a way that undermines or threatens to undermine a value reflected in and thus formally endorsed through the Constitution or similar fundamental laws by, for example: (a) confronting members of the public with conduct that significantly interferes with their autonomy and liberty; or (b) predisposing others to anti-social behaviour; or (c) physically or psychologically harming persons involved in the conduct, and 2.
Whether Hartle and Hawking are right in arguing that the universe did not originate in a singular instant is not nearly as important as the more fundamental consideration that the universe exists and that it is governed by certain fundamental laws that point to a Master Builder.
The controls are unfamiliar, much remains hidden behind the cockpit door, and flying seems to defy fundamental laws of gravity.
Finally, Miskimmon and Wright and Knight advance another interpretation of the reconstitution of security, arguing respectively that security in the current era may be best achieved through the creation and elaboration of new regional or, indeed, global fundamental laws and institutions.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - The question would flummox most college graduates: What are the fundamental laws of thermodynamics?
These topics are improving our knowledge of the fundamental laws of nature and can give us new ideas about how matter came to dominate antimatter in the Universe.
The law is the only law among several fundamental laws enacted during the Allied Forces occupation that has not been revised.
At a House hearing on June 7, Representative Cynthia McKinney, Democrat of Georgia, referred to the document "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities" and said: "Attacking the Iraqi public drinking water supply flagrantly targets civilians and is a violation of the Geneva Convention and of the fundamental laws of civilized nations.

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