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The similarity of quantitative CRI with different fundamental units is measured by using a standard transform formula:
Just as the individual, not the group, is metaphysically real--and just as the individual, not the collective, has a mind and thinks--so too the individual, not the community or society, is the fundamental unit of moral concern.
It is postulated in this study that in order for three constants to be fundamental, one must be able to express the fundamental units of mass, length and time in terms of them.
As regards to Planck's constant, and the fundamental units of time, mass, and length, they appear to remain unaltered by the findings prompted by the microwave background.
It goes on to define the fundamental units of epidemiology: incidence and prevalence, rates, risks, measures of association and impact, and bias.
Again, these are only proposals due to the nature of fundamental units and must be accepted or changed by the users of knowledge units.
The text is split into five parts that cover the following: introduction, perspectives on inquiry, fundamental units, processes and functions (types of communication) and contexts.
These visualisations serve an argument structured by gestus and hieroglyphic which tries to identify 'the fundamental units of the mixed arts' and searches for 'a deep concord among artistic media' (p.
If one begins, in the area of electric phenomena, by considering the definition of magnetic poles as centers of forces which they exert upon each other, one can define by similar reasoning successively the electromagnetic units of the strength of the current, the galvanic resistance, and the capacitance--in short, one can measure all quantities in units that are connected to the fundamental units by strict reasoning.
This discipline, financial engineering, approaches complex risks by analytically breaking them into more fundamental units that can be measured, priced and recombined.
Elements are fundamental units of XML content that contain author-specified chunks of data.
EBSD works by identifying the elements and atomic positions of the fundamental units of each material.

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