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Russell set up a nervy finale with his yellow card after spoiling in a ruck and Italy took advantage, scoring their second try through Fuser.
The innovator in digital colour printing has developed a unique fuser drum called Alpine, which has a flexible outer layer to help to produce smooth and consistent print on uneven and textured media, especially recycled board stocks.
You have to have sensible policies," says Eric Wu, director of project management at Fuser, a Boulder-based startup that consolidates a user's e-mail accounts and social-networking streams into one convenient home page.
She worked at the American Optical Company for over 30 years as a Glass Fuser.
Giles, England 4/16/07--GE Healthcare has acquired Wave Biotech, a supplier of disposable manufacturing technologies, including the Wave bioreactor, Wave Mixer and Sterile Tube Fuser.
High performance, thin film elastomeric coatings are said to be known for their ability to resist harsh chemicals and abrasion, while retaining their profile to critical tolerances when applied to copier fuser rollers, for example.
The Sterile Tube Fuser aseptically joins large-bore thermoplastic tubing without the need for laminar flow, ensuring unsurpassed weld quality for reliable fluid transfer.
With Intermediate Belt Transfer, a Belt Fuser and Trickle Charge Development, the unit produces precise text, true-to-life images and exact color.
The range includes a three-coat, electrically conductive system for application onto metallic pressure, heater and fuser rollers.
The DocuTech 75 has been designed for on-demand printing and features customer replaceable units, such as fuser and toner cartridges, to help operators maintain the product while at the same time maximising print production through increased uptime.
Other consumables included the fuser roll with an estimated life of 20,000 images and a price of $69 and the color imaging unit with an estimated life of 12,500 images and a cost of $199.