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Analysis of the distribution of cell cycle showed that AB23 effectively induced G1 phase cell cycle arrest in the three ovarian cancer cell lines at low concentrations that didn't induce obvious cell cytotoxicity.
Brain cells in the G0 and G1 phases were separated through the use of ribonuclease (RNAse): G0 were quiescent cells with low RNA content, and G1 were growing cells with high RNA content (Theilacker and Shen, 1993b).
Importantly we observed that ZFX knockdown caused cell cycle arrest at the G1 phase of the cell cycle evidenced by the accumulation of G1 phase cells and decrease in S and G2/M phase.
The mechanism of action triggered by p53 when detecting a genetic error in late G1 phase consists of increasing the concentration of its protein levels, which, therefore, leads the transcription of the CDKN1A (p21) gene, 19.
50] concentrations of Eto caused a significant decreased of cell population in G1 phase, S phase arrest and apoptosis.
Our previous study has demonstrated that up-regulation of p15 expression induces cell cycle arrest at G1 phase and inhibits the cell proliferative activity, reducing drug-resistance in HepG2/CDDP/2.
Ki-67, however, is expressed by cells throughout the cell cycle from late G1 phase, except G0, (5) and many Ki-67+nuclei may not survive the cell cycle and are driven into apoptosis, thereby blurring the prognostic value of the Ki-67 index.
Annonacin, a monotetrahydrofuran acetogenin, isolated from Annona species reportedly arrested cancer cells at the G1 phase and caused cytotoxicity (Yuan et al.
The study team has now found that Vif also acts at an earlier stage in the cell cycle, driving cells out of the G1 phase and into the more active S phase.
PP1 then dephosphorylates lamin B and promotes its polymerization into the assembling NE during G1 phase (Fig.
Cells go through 3 phases before they divide: the G1 phase, in which the cell grows and makes protein; the S phase, in which the cell makes DNA and replicates its chromosomes; and the G2 phase, in which the cell prepares for division.