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A positive clinical response was defined as an improvement of at least one decile in the GAF Scale, taking the lower of the two dimensions as the reference point for the pre- and post-quetiapine measures.
A general linear model was used to determine demographic factors including age, gender (male / female), ethnic group (Chinese, Malay, Indian, others), and diagnostic group (depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, insomnia, psychotic disorders, others) that would predict change in the SDS (by component) and GAF scale.
By improving the application of the GAF scale, college counselors might also improve outcome assessment and services.
The GAF scale is based on the widely used Global Assessment Scale (Endicott, Spitzer, Fleiss, & Cohen, 1976).
Among 169 patients in the NAPLS 2 cohort who have completed 2 years of follow-up, those who had a social decline of 2 or more points on the GAF scale were significantly more likely to convert to psychosis than were patients with a decline of less than 2 (P = .