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Access to Basemark GUI Free and Power Board - BasemarkA GUI Free is readily available and it can be downloaded from Google Play: please search for Rightware or Basemark .
As a complete GUI software development solution for resource-constrained devices, PrismX delivers the eye-catching graphical capabilities and time-to-market edge needed for medical, industrial, office automation and consumer markets where user interfaces play an essential role in device design.
Eyelet GUI is the only GUI designed specifically for embedded applications where display space is at a premium," said Craig Honegger, vice president of engineering at Precise.
Basemark[R] GUI Free is a portion of the full product, Basemark[R] GUI, which was developed in close cooperation with the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers and semiconductor companies.
NOTE: Eyelet GUI and Eyelet Architect are trademarks of MoJo Designs, Inc.
SEAGULL recently announced a new product line -- J Walk(TM) -- which builds on the GUI/400 foundation to include support for Java GUI clients.
custom-made GUI for AS/400 applications with full client/server
GEMexpress(TM) also includes a 32 megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages, 64 megabit SDRAM (frame buffer), an integrated 4 or 5 wire touch panel decoder, a dedicated crystal and necessary power management devices.
The addition of Amulet's GUI solutions, including their development kit, controller chips and GUI software, will allow our customers to easily go from LCD evaluation, GUI design to implementation.
C/S ELEMENTS features full GUI development capabilities, a message-based script language for rapid application development and a modular data access facility for transparent access to heterogeneous data sources.
Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in graphic user interface (GUI) solutions, announced today a new GUI design tool developed specifically for embedded systems.