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This crescendo of interspecies transmission in all 3 GYA states and involving ranches in proximity to and remote from elk feeding grounds suggests a change or combination of changes in risk factors in the GYA ecosystem.
These include population and density increases (11,12), changes in land management that created safe havens for elk (13), and reintroduction of wolves to the GYA (14).
The aim of the meeting was to bridge the gap of scientific development in the developing and developed world by providing a forum for scientific exchange and opportunities for GYA members to develop projects with the theme of "Sustainability: Lessons on the road between Rio and Rio+20.
Individual management plans for the National Parks and Forests in the GYA will then be amended to conform with the vision document.
Calisma kapsaminda degerlendirilen 300 hastadan %81,7'sinin (245/300) rehabilitasyon gereksiniminin bulundugu; yorgunluk, dekondusyon, GYA ve ambulasyon sorunlari ve agrinin ilk siralarda yer alan rehabilitasyon yaklasimi gerektiren sorunlar oldugu belirlendi (Tablo 4).
Tender notice number : Com/ Car-Taxi, BUS & Rickshaw stand / GYA /15