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Reinforce the irrigation of the palm-groves of higher GabE s in Chenini, over an area of 250 hectares,
It is time to corrrect these environmental fallacies " and repair what he described as "a state crime against the region of Gabes," he noted.
These parties include the police, the Army, the Customs Services, the Civil Defence, the Red Crescent of GabE s, the Tunisian Scouts and the Tunisian lighterage and Handling Company.
Gabe Sanders is the 'techie' of the team as well as being very well versed in the statistics of the real estate market and as such is the primary listing agent of the team.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Equipment Ministry is to issue, before the end of the current month, an international tender for the construction of a highway linking the cities of GabE s, Medenine and Ras Jedir.