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Small extra charge applies for Grotto, ice rink and gallopers.
AN OLD show gets a fresh look in the Waiters' Gallop - because half of the gallopers are waitresses in saucy French-maid costumes and it's a mixture that enables the participants to have contact with each other in a routine that usually denies it.
Luke Clift on the gallopers and (right) Robert Plotnek dodges about with Mercury man Bob Haywood; PLAYTIME.
The carousel, officially called Noyce's Golden Gallopers, will be at its usual spot at the end of Rother Street for the annual mop fair.
In Reading this weekend (then moving on to London and Surrey), the fair's exciting range of gallopers, chair-o-planes and steam yachts stem from the late John Carter's desire to restore the derelict attractions of yesteryear to their former glory.
I believe my best chances today are at Hamilton and I would love to be there, but with the High Moor grass gallops opening for the first time this year, I think I should stay home to supervise the gallopers.
I'd heard of horses that are relentless gallopers and boxers relentlessly battering an opponent but never a relentless bowls player.