Gaming houses

GAMING HOUSES, crim. law. Houses kept for the purpose of permitting persons to gamble for money or other valuable thing. They are nuisances in the eye of the law, being detrimental to the public, as they promote cheating and other corrupt practices. 1 Russ. on Cr. 299; Roscoe's Cr. Ev. 663; Hawk. B. 1, ch. 75, s. 6; 3 Denio's R. 101; 8 Cowen, 139; This offence is punished in Pennsylvania, an perhaps in most of the states, by statutory provisions.

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As they approached the centre of the town the scene was brightened by a row of well-lit stores, and even more by a cluster of saloons and gaming houses, in which the miners spent their hard-earned but generous wages.
With the four hundred livres we will make the half of one for one of the unmounted, and then we will give the turnings out of our pockets to D'Artagnan, who has a steady hand, and will go and play in the first gaming house we come to.
net--would require a substantial change in data collection procedures by both gaming houses and players, a potentially contentious issue the IRS doesn't seem anxious to tackle at this time.
The problem is that the new rules do not address the problem in depth, as the gaming houses operate with very little transparency," added Moctezuma.
Years ago, my guide tells me, the noisy Pachinko gaming houses were ordered out of the centre to 'protect the tranquility of the city'.
The country's gaming houses have soaked up some of the excess
Social activities, on any given day, could range from visits to the tailor or the couturier to literary salons before continuing on to upper class brothels, gaming houses or the theatre.
Florence was commended for good work on February 4, 1942, in connection with brothels, gaming houses and betting houses.
Strip clubs, sex shops, brothels, massage parlours, homosexual clubs, gaming houses and gambling clubs fall under the category of adult entertainment premises.
The Betting Act (Cap 21) was enacted in 1960 to suppress illegal common betting-houses, betting in public places and bookmaking, while the Common Gaming Houses Act (Cap 49) was passed in 1961 to suppress illegal common gaming houses, public gaming and public lotteries.
When the Government announced plans for more gaming houses and a supercasino, prior to the Gambling Act 2005, there were five applications for Liverpool.
The Principality should continue to enhance its anti-money laundering and confiscation regimes by applying its AML reporting, customer identification, and record keeping requirements to all trustees, as well as Monegasque gaming houses.