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We can't let ourselves be run off by anyone in our territory," said one gang member with direct knowledge of the events.
We've alleged that he's a gang member and killed a rival gang member in a fight," Deputy District Attorney Robert Sherwood said.
Murios-Garcia became the gang's treasurer, collecting gang dues and relaying that money to gang leaders, including wire transfers to other gang members in Los Angeles.
Databases from different agencies could share information in common terms, reducing confusion about whether a person is a gang member and in which, if any, jurisdiction.
Prosecutors say Watkins was beaten and shot by gang members Hines recruited.
While police were investigating the stabbing, two men were shot by a gang member about a mile and a half away in the 7300 block of Variel Street in Canoga Park.
Also known as "Kali," Flores is suspected of beating to death fellow gang member Marco Bustamante, 20, with a metal rod.
Curry and Decker draw from their own experiences and gang member interviews to discuss what gangsters may face during their time in that subculture.
When one understands the psychology of the gang member, correctional interventions and programming then can follow.
Equally, gang members were obliged to resist such incursions upon their own territory in order to defend their honour.
CANOGA PARK -- Three men were hospitalized after being shot multiple times by two suspected gang members whom police are seeking, authorities said Sunday.
However, their sophistication and secretive nature concerning their operations and structure prevent the average street gang member from obtaining enough information to imitate them.