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GARDEN. A piece of ground appropriated to raising plants and flowers.
     2. A garden is a parcel of a house and passes with it. Br. Feoffm. de terre, 53; 2 Co. 32; Plowd. 171; Co. Litt. 5 b, 56 a, b. But see Moore, 24; Bac. Ab. Grants, I.

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Adjacent to this cracked concrete pad was the new site of a Learning Garden, complete with permeable pavers, a steel trellis, sitting boulders, and a maze of white curvilinear garden beds.
John Lewis Tropica oversized garden bed, which incorporates a folding canopy; Havana two-seater sofa with cream cushions, pounds 249.
We now have four garden beds instead of rows of plants,'' she said.
On those rare occasions when I use a chipper, and I don't want to leave the product where it lays, I can use it to mulch walkways rather than put it directly in the compost or the garden beds.
ONCE your gardening chores are done, chill out in style with this oversized garden bed from B&Q.
Artichokes prefer a soil amended with compost and will accept asparagus, lettuce, summer savory and parsley as companions in the same garden bed.
The most important thing when sowing direct in a garden bed, is to mark the sites so that sowings are saved from absent mindedly digging and hoeing before the seedlings are visible.
The project involved developing a plan for a backyard garden bed.
You can make a nice "lasagna" garden bed for food crops without using newspaper--layers of leaves, straw, topsoil, etc.
The petunia, for example, whose brilliant red, pink, blue and purple colors give it a unique presence, simply grows too fast to be of lasting value in a flowerpot or garden bed.
j) execute the landscaping requirements that include, tree planting, turfing, garden bed preparation and planting.