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An individual who holds money or property that belongs to a debtor subject to an attachment proceeding by a creditor.

For example, when an individual owes money but has for a source of income only a salary, a creditor might initiate Garnishment proceedings. If the creditor is successful, a certain portion of the debtor's salary will be automatically sent to the creditor from each paycheck. In such case, the debtor's employer is the garnishee.


n. a person or entity, quite often a bank or employer, which receives a court order to not release funds held for or owed to a customer or employee, pending further order of the court. (See: garnish, garnishment)

GARNISHEE, practice. A person who has money or property in his possession, belonging to a defendant, which money or property has been attached in his hands, and he has had notice of such attachment; he is so called because he has had warning or notice of the attachment.
     2. From the time of the notice of the attachment, the garnishee is bound to keep the property in his hands to answer the plaintiff's claim, until the attachment is dissolved, or he is otherwise discharged. Vide Serg. on Att. 88 to 110; Com. Dig. Attachment, E.
     3. There are garnishees also in the action of detinue. They are persons against whom process is awarded, at the prayer of the defendant, to warn them to come in and interplead with the plaintiff. Bro. Abr. Detinue, passim.

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event first occurs, the garnishee is forbidden to make or
Suppose a garnishee served with a restraining notice is the bailee of debtor property.
As under the Support Enforcement Act, protection for the judgment debtor and the garnishee are recommended.
Alternatively, AME argued that any stop payment duty applied only to banks and thus was not applicable to AME as a nonbank garnishee.
Unraced, he's from the same family as Rathgorman and Garnishee and has shown plenty of ability.
The Nisga'a people have given up their right to be income tax and provincial tax free on their lands (they are no longer a reserve) along with other features of the Indian Act such as the protection from seizure and garnishee proceedings.
As is evidenced by the above quote the IRS Collection Division will look to a taxpayer's earnings when assets are not sufficient to liquidate the delinquency and may garnishee the taxpayer's wages for this purpose.
Giant Bay has instructed its solicitors to move to set aside the Garnishee and Statement of Claim and Counter-claim for damages.
CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 1999--On March 30, 1999, a new garnishee law will go into effect in Ohio.
a garnishee was able to evade a restraining notice by simply paying for services in advance, (531) Since the prepayments were not "pay[ing] over .
For the telco's failure to settle a judgement debt awarded against it last May, a Ghanaian firm, International Rom Limited, has won a garnishee verdict against Vodafone Ghana Limited.