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According to Yesh Din, the couple were attempting to flee the village of Burin, near Nablus, amidst an Israeli raid on local premises, which included the use of tear gas grenades.
OUT OF LINE: Israeli soldiers get ready to cast a tear gas grenade yesterday while arguing with a Palestinian woman; ATTACK: Israeli soldier fires tear gas at protest
Mubarak went shopping for gas grenades and launchers in 2010, sending the list to CSI Jamestown, Pennsylvania with pretty specific specifications.
The Nabi Saleh march was dedicated this Friday to commemorating the second anniversary of the death of Mustafa Attamimi, the 28-year-old young man who was killed with a tear gas grenade fired by an Israeli soldier in 2011.
Later on Israeli border police fired one tear gas grenade for no reason at school children who had just finished school.
a protest leader, was killed in 2009 when Israeli forces shot him in the chest with a tear gas grenade.
The Bilin garden commemorates Bassem Abu Rahmeh, a protest leader who was killed in 2009 when a tear gas grenade struck him in the chest during a demonstration.
Twenty-one Palestinian youths were injured, one critically, when the Israeli forces used live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas grenades against them, according to medical sources.
But last night their streak came to a halt when an undercover police agent busted 51 of La Familia's most notorious members and seized a staggering amount of ammunition, including 20 stun grenades, two pounds of explosives, two tear gas grenades, two smoke bombs, 29 torches, and 19 IEDs.
He said, that unjustified use of tear smoke canisters and pepper gas grenades and indiscriminate firing of pellets and rubber bullets on the devotees was a deliberate attempt of the puppet administration to damage the centrality and significance of the historic Jamia Masjid.
Contract notice: Delivery universal tear gas grenades ugl.