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As Turan had passed through the gateway into the city and taken his unhindered way along the avenue, twenty warriors had entered the city and closed the gate behind them, and then one had taken to the wall and followed along its summit in the rear of Turan, and another had followed him along the avenue, while a third had crossed the street and entered one of the buildings upon the opposite side.
The forms and ceremonials connected with the meeting of the two jeddaks consumed an hour, and then we turned and retraced our way toward the city of Kaol, which the head of the column reached just before dark, though it must have been nearly morning before the rear guard passed through the gateway.
cried Quilp, looking up at the old gateway, and showing in the moonlight like some monstrous image that had come down from its niche and was casting a backward glance at its old house, 'faster
The dirty gateway with the wind and rain whistling through it, and the basket of muddy potatoes waiting to be spilt again or taken up, never seemed the common hole it really was, when he looked back to it by these lights.
They were very near the end of their walk, and they now came out of the gateway to finish it.
Boys lingered talking to one another, and presently some who had hurried to change came out to play fives; others straggled out in twos and threes and went out of the gateway, Philip knew they were going up to the cricket ground; others again went into the precincts to bat at the nets.
I brought it to the Emerald City myself, and all who pass beneath this gateway are both loving and beloved.
So Jack rode the Saw-Horse through the gateway into a little room built into the wall.
The Company had marched to the turn of the road ere Sir Nigel Loring rode out from the gateway, mounted on Pommers, his great black war-horse, whose ponderous footfall on the wooden drawbridge echoed loudly from the gloomy arch which spanned it.
NAS gateways consist of NAS appliances that connect to SAN storage through a Fibre Channel port, providing both file-and block- based data storage that is manageable, flexible and scalable.
Fusiv[R] Network Processor and OpenRG Software Platform Enable OEMs to Deliver Telco-Ready Service Gateways
The software release is shipping on new gateways immediately, and allows field deployed Dialogic gateways the ability to upgrade to the new protocol and security features.