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GAUGER. An officer appointed to examine all tuns, pipes, hogsheads, barrels, and tierces of wine, oil, and other liquids, and to give them a mark of allowance, as containing lawful measure.

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There are others whose life is a sermon," Gauger said.
Gauger et al have reported bilateral TZ in 15% of their patients.
Gauger further explained the idea of "robo-wholesaling.
Contactless payment phones are yet to be adopted in many shops in the UAE, Gauger confirmed.
Her partner Christian Gauger had originally been charged in the bombings, but it was later suspended because of his health problems.
Effective 1 January 2013, Barth will assume the duties of chief financial officer and corporate secretary, succeeding the outgoing CFO, Dennis Gauger.
The remaining conversions will take place later in the year, at our trade show presence and with our machine labeling; Optima worldwide will change to the new design", explains Marketing Director Sabine Gauger.
Michael Gauger, chief deputy, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, Fla.
My wife Carol and I, together with our partners left and Audrey Walter of Brewster and the previous owners of The Leavenworth Echo, Jeff and Elizabeth Gauger of North Canton, Ohio own NCW Media.
Before going out to Fat Sam's nightclub, they went to The Gauger pub in Dundee where they had "a really good time".
Moreover, although the gauger assessed the excise at the beginning of a batch, which amount he was to confirm at the end of the fermentation process, it was up to the brewer to prove that a finished batch should have been assessed at a lower rate after the excise had been paid.
I was a staff accountant in the firm of Gauger & Diehl, CPAs, and my supervising partner told me to join.