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GAUGER. An officer appointed to examine all tuns, pipes, hogsheads, barrels, and tierces of wine, oil, and other liquids, and to give them a mark of allowance, as containing lawful measure.

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Contactless payment phones are yet to be adopted in many shops in the UAE, Gauger confirmed.
Members of the council include: author Linda Tarr-Whelan, chair of the council; Linda Basch, president, National Council for Research on Women; Martha Burk, National Council of Women's Organizations; Sarah Gauger, executive director, Hunt Alternatives Fund; Christine Grumm, president, Women's Funding Network; Former Vermont Guy.
By Kenneth Grahame; introduction by Brian Jacques; edited with a preface and notes by Annie Gauger.
Terry Gauger claimed to have the flyrod popper fishing wired, and he had some tricks he wanted to share.
Gary Gauger spent three years on death row having been bullied into believing he might have murdered his parents in an alcoholic blackout, despite there being no physical evidence to connect him to their deaths.
Gauger, Dirk (1998) "Wirkmechanismen und Belastungsgrenzen von Reibpaarungen trocken laufender Kupplungen (Mechanism and maximum loads of friction couples in dryly running clutches)" VDI-Verlag, ISBN 3-18-330101-6, Dusseldorf, Germany
Andreas Gauger, chief executive of 1&1, said: "Consumers now place a high value on the ability to talk to businesses in real-time online.
For example, if the user is a data collector, pumper, logger or gauger, mechanic or inspector, they just log into the device and scan the RFID tag which electronically recognizes their craft and shows only screens involving data collection.
The results were verified by the independent consultant who ran the tests," Greg Gauger, director, Caterpillar On-Highway Power Systems, says in a press release.
Zoeller RT, Dowling ALS, Herzig CTA, Iannacone EA, Gauger KJ, Bansai R.
We developed ACERT technology with the goal of meeting all current and future emissions regulations, while continuing to provide the overall value on-highway vehicle owners need to operate profitably," said Caterpillar On-highway Power Systems Division director Greg Gauger.
We had well over 100 bids the first day, which is unheard of,'' said Craig Gauger, senior account manager for Kompolt Inc.