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Wearing a protective suit I watched readings on the Geiger counter soar as I ventured through ghost towns.
Using an Arduino microcomputer, Libelium, a Spanish company that makes communications hardware, designed a Geiger counter that can be built and tested by home hobbyists (or bought preassembled).
They make Geiger counters sing, and they stick to the tanks, contaminating the soil and blowing in the desert wind, as they will for the 4.
Worrying, but easier to hide from your partner than a love bite, unless she's got a Geiger counter.
He is happy to hear their stories; scour nearby hillsides for clipped treetops or the ground for impressions; take readings with his Geiger counter - or the "Cutie Pie" that measures alpha, beta and gamma rays - and pass his reports on to national UFO experts.
Alan Carr and the JLC always seem as excited as a Geiger counter in Tehran.
You can't see it, the only way you can tell is with a Geiger counter.
Lee accompanies him, and her Geiger counter meter shoots to the active side.
Encased within what The New York Times refers to as a "Cold-War-Era Geiger Counter," this somewhat bulky object contains a bar code reader equipped with a database listing pollution complaints and ethics violations allegedly committed by the company.
It should be mentioned that at this time, radioactive counting had to be done using a manual Geiger counter system.
If you use something like a Geiger counter that just says there is gamma radiation, you mn into problems because there are lots of sources of gamma radiation, many of which are perfectly legitimate.
Antennae and instrument ports protruded from its surface and it was fitted with a number of measuring devices including a geiger counter and a micro meteorite detector.