General Term

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General Term

A sitting of the court en banc, with the participation of the entire membership of the court rather than the regular quorum. A phrase used in some jurisdictions to signify the ordinary session of a court during which the trial determination of actions occur.

General term is distinguishable from special term, in that the latter entails the hearing of motions, which are applications for court orders, arguments, the disposition of various types of formal business, or the trial of a special list or class of cases.

References in classic literature ?
It is sufficient to add in general terms, that he did the best he could for Mr.
I am not myself prepared to go farther than to say in general terms that we have almost certainly been in contact to-night with some form of carnivorous dinosaur.
Ye may say, in general terms, it is the magistrate that fixes the wages.
General terms cover an organized, latent knowledge which is the hidden capital without which we should be in a state of bankruptcy, manipulating false money or paper of no value.
I have given security to the parish in general terms to secure them from any charge from whatsoever shall come into the world under my roof.
The illness has only been described to me, in general terms, as a fever," I said.
For starters, the word podcast is like what Kleenex is to tissue, a product's name (a la the iPod) that is now a general term applied to downloading audio files.
In Japan, there is no general term for water but instead descriptive terms for hot water and cold water.
Shin splints" is a general term that can cover a variety of injuries (see below).
Additionally, the $200 million shelf registration of general term notes, series D, is rated 'BB'.
What is denoted by a given general term does not stand in any relation to the objects falling under the term but is something that they are.
has assigned a rating of "BB-" (Double-B-Minus) to CMS Energy Corporation's (CMS) $250 million shelf registration of general term notes, Series A.

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