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The industrialisation of deer farming and their establishment from limited founder populations have not affected the genetic variability within the deer species in Malaysia.
Swamp and river buffalo had a similar degree of genetic variability (Wilcoxon's signed rank test, p = 0.
Smooth expansion of population size with the effective use of genetic variability should be an urgent task also for avoiding these potential side effects.
SNPs are also being used in the new field of pharmacogenomics to see how genetic variability affects how people respond to chemotherapy drugs.
It's known that genetic variability is an advantage for offspring,and scientists said that the MHC effect could be an evolutionary strategy underlying incest avoidance in humans and also improving the efficiency of the immune system.
These results suggest that genetic variability in drug-metabolizing enzymes is likely to be an important contributor to the incidence of adverse drug reactions," Phillips says.
Genizon's whole-genome association studies involve more than 36,000 members of the Quebec Founder Population, whose extensive genetic sharing and low genetic variability are ideally suited for the discovery of genes affecting people worldwide in the many common diseases with strong genetic components.
Researchers Virginie Fabre, Silvana Condemi and Anna Degioanni from the CNRS Laboratory of Anthropology (UMR 6578) at the University of Marseille, France, have given further consideration to the question of diversity of Neanderthals by studying the genetic structure of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and by analyzing the genetic variability, modeling different scenarios.
Mutation as an origin of genetic variability in Helicobacter pylori.
The consortium is charged with defining sites of genetic variability, developing standards for gene expression experiments, and applying gene expression technology to study environmental stress responses in biological systems.
Some biologists doubt whether as many as 60 suitable cell lines already exist and whether these lines contain enough genetic variability to satisfy research demands.
JMP Genetics provides a rich class of methods for characterizing genetic variability and evaluating its association with biological phenotypes such as quantitative traits, chemical response or small molecule expression.