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After the collection of blood samples, piglets were immediately euthanized, and genital organs (ovary + cornu uteri + vagina-vestibule) were isolated, weighed, and gross lesions examined.
It is presumed that there is a strong correspondence between the structure of genital organs of both sexes likened to a "lock and key.
Pathologic reviews of internal genitalia after anterior exenteration for bladder cancer in women have revealed that genital organs could be preserved during orthotopic diversion; and patients might be spared from adverse effects such as acute early menopause, infertility, and cessation of sexual activity using this approach.
The 15- day- old boy was born with his urinary, intestinal and genital organs protruding out of the abdomen
Pepin was born with only one partially working kidney, no lower colon or genital organs and her legs are fused from the waist down.
It prevents infection with the sexually transmitted virus and thus cancers of the genital organs.
The typical mode of transmission is direct contact with the genital organs or mouth of an infected person.
Unlike seal hunters in Canada, where pups are hunted for fur, poachers in China catch seals primarily to sell to zoos or to use the genital organs for traditional Chinese medicine.
Other statistically significant findings included excess mortality from cancer of the penis and other male genital organs (7 deaths; SMR = 2.
This study deals with the morphology and configuration of the male genital organs.
The law does not prohibit the sale of condoms, virility drugs, or massagers--only items "useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.
Charts are revealed, showing the female menstrual cycle, drawings of the genital organs, how ovulation occurs, how spermatozoa impregnate an ovary, time-lapse depictions of the growing fetus, and then suddenly--almost without warning--graphic footage of a live birth