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GENTLEMAN. In the English law, according to Sir Edward Coke, is one who bears a coat of armor. 2 Inst. 667. In the United States, this word is unknown to the law, but in many places it is applied, by courtesy, to all men. See Poth. Proc. Crim. sect. 1, App. Sec. 3.

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Institutional investors have slammed the payout, which they said rewarded Mr Gent for the takeover of German conglomerate Mannesmann earlier this year before its long-term worth to shareholders had been proven.
Gent did the double over Mechelen last season, but the previous year the situation was reversed.
Mrs Gent was a hugely popular and highly-valued member of our catering team.
But as 'fat cats' go, Mr Gent is small fry compared with Sam Ginn, who netted pounds 61 million in options-related profits during a stint of only nine months as Vodafone chairman.
Only the day before, on June 1, Gent had been involved in another robbery in which a Redcar supermarket was raided for cigarettes and alcohol.
Gent have the best away attack this season, scoring 19 goals, but have notched just one in their last three games.
Asked about possible compensation to Mr Esser after he had opposed the tie-up for some three months, Mr Gent said: "I don't know what he's going to get.
ADPO will continue producing and supplying Ethyl from the Gent facility with materials it uses in manufacturing lubricant additive packages.
VAC Virginie Lovelinggebouw Gent Koningin Maria Hendrikaplein 70
But although Gent will certainly be best remembered for his towering career in the communications industry, it is a success built on a tormented beginning.
Designed to drive fascination, the VELOCITY Gent Automatic Moon Phase watch elicits the most intense interest with its primary feature.
Adrian Gent, 24, and Matthew Williams, 20, targeted the two youths in Beddau and swung punches at them before making off in their car and crashing it.