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The primary concern for schools that accept students from other locations is transition difficulties, said psychologist Caren Caty, who counsels at Gledhill Elementary, where three of the Gentry kids attend school.
The Gentrys contended in their appeal that the evidence presented at trial was insufficient to sustain their convictions for involuntary manslaughter and conspiracy but the three-judge appellate panel disagreed.
The officer testified that Gentry admitted he hit the girl, then 14, and said he heard Gentry tell his wife to shoot dead their neighbors the next time they interfered.
More than two years after Lindsay died in February 1996, the Gentrys were charged with having murdered her.
The verdict outraged Lancaster residents who supported the Gentrys.
VAN NUYS - A congenital wasting disease, and not parental neglect, caused the malnutrition that killed 15-year-old Lindsay Gentry, attorneys for the girl's parents said Monday in arguing that they should be acquitted of involuntary manslaughter.
Middleton said the Gentrys were dedicated to their daughter's survival.
Michael and Kathleen Gentry were home Saturday, after spending 295 days behind bars.
Members of the tightly knit community of Lake Los Angeles have rallied behind the Gentrys since they were arrested, creating a Web site and raising money for the couple's defense.
At a court hearing Wednesday, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Kathleen Cady said she was in another trial and needed until Friday to meet with her superiors and decide if the Gentrys should be retried.
Prosecutor Kathleen Cady has indicated the District Attorney's Office will try the Gentrys again, according to a defense lawyer who asked not to be named.
Juror George Moreno, 52, of Encino said the Gentrys didn't do enough to make sure Lindsay ate.