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YEOMAN. In the United States this word does not appear to have any very exact meaning. It is usually put as an addition to the names of parties in declarations and indictments. In England it signifies a free man who has land of the value of forty shillings a year. 2 Inst. 668; 2 Dall. 92.

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The Journal and Courier in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, a Gannett company, ordered Baldwin's IMPACTflex blanket cleaning systems for installation on its new MAN Geoman 70 press which will be delivered this spring.
The paper was able to start the new edition because in May it finished a new 64,000-square-foot production facility that included a new Geoman press from MAN Roland.
But, starting in 2004, the paper will leap into the 21st century when it begins running a new 42-couple, eight-web Geoman offset press from German press manufacturer MAN Roland.