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SOFT AND SUBTLE Geometric patterns can be soft and sweet too, introducing circles and swirls and tonal colours to produce a more relaxing atmosphere - pretty important in the bedroom.
Geometric patterns lend themselves perfectly to fabric and can easily turn functional furniture, like a sofa or chair, into a striking statement piece.
Previous BEA estimates of depreciation were based on a straight-line pattern for depreciation; the switch is to a geometric pattern for depreciation for most assets.
CLOSE SHAVE: The geometric pattern makes the circle similar to the Cross of St John.
DO YOUR SUMS: A focal point in a room, a chimney breast wall or alcoves, could be transformed with a geometric pattern wallapaper.
Try Bao wallpaper by Steve Leung - a geometric pattern inspired by oriental screens, PS26 a roll, Graham & Brown, www.
Caption(s): 1 The earthy palette and stylized geometric pattern in Shaw Living's Abilene are inspired by Sante Fe.
The show's title piece, dated 2004, is a matrix of small objects--images of catfish and butterflies made from Shrinky Dink plastic and acrylic-painted wooden balls--pinned to the wall in a geometric pattern.
His work on optical character recognition in 1982, normalized correlation in 1987, and geometric pattern matching in 1997 became benchmarks for industrial part identification, alignment, and guidance.
Caption(s): Above: The flooring was designed with soft earth tones in a geometric pattern.
The drawings were whittled down by Trump from six different schemes to a geometric pattern outlined with brass strips, but is still being refined.
You can introduce flashes of geometric pattern into your living room with lampshades, a luxurious throw, a rug or even window dressings, without breaking the bank.

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