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Among toddlers who strongly prefer geometric patterns, we found that - almost 100 percent of the time - those children developed an autism spectrum disorder," he added.
They also noted that the use of geometric patterns within and around the shapes enhanced the overall design.
MADE by tribes across eastern Turkey, these thick wool pile rugs display geometric patterns and vivid colours.
The ability of contemporaries to blend eclectically with any furniture style, or to infuse a room with color as an anchor feature, places the more geometric patterns and bolder hues of these rugs in demand.
The Tyson, for example, is composed of meticulous red tracings of creeping ivy and stonework against drapes and sofa upholstery busy with geometric patterns.
Flower power reigned supreme, followed by geometric patterns and shapes.
Moving with slow deliberation, they dance apart yet in relation to one another, making geometric patterns of isolation -- Lopez's a terre arabesque mirrors Hubbe's battement devant; their hands circle just inches apart; the air between them appears thick and weighty.
Equally intriguing, these embedded geometric patterns don't repeat themselves in the same way that a network consisting of rods linked to form solely squares or triangles would repeat itself.
Fractal antennas and related applications use self-repeating geometric patterns to produce structures that provide the `Fractal Advantage'(TM): better performing antennas and electronics with smaller form factors and more versatility of use.
The Running Around collection focuses on shaped floor runners in modern patterns, and the Patches collection features solid colors with small inset geometric patterns.
With their rich, nuanced colors and complex geometric patterns, they stand as the antithesis of the computer-generated abstractions with unmodulated colors and lifeless shapes so popular in painting at the moment.