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Rejecting a plea by a Ludhiana- based company seeking to restrain its rival from using a trapezium with its name inscribed in it as its trademark logo, the Delhi High Court has held that no company can claim an exclusive right over writing its name in a geometrical figure.
Ashton claimed he became "fascinated with geometrical figures, and .
Moving over to the African continent, women here are adorned by large and bold patterns usually representing large geometrical figures or on the other side, many lines or dots.
Numbers and geometrical figures were inbuilt in the foundation of orderly arrangements of the entire religious structure.
It could be simple geometrical figures and forms: zigzag movements, circle loops, line trajectories and etc.
The circles and the squares also have something in common: they are all geometrical figures.
They cover the basics of Euclidean space, elementary geometrical figures and their properties, symmetries of the plane and of space (including affine mappings and centroids, projections, central dilations and translations, plane transformations and discrete and finite subgroups), hyperbolic geometry (including the Poincare and disc models) and spherical geometry.
The seventeenth-century English Jesuit revenge play Blame Not Our Author, in which all actions occurs among geometrical figures made animate, is the focus of Carla Mazzio's essay "The Three-Dimensional Self," which links mathematics to melancholy.
Needless to say, what is true of the line or the circle equally applies to other geometrical figures and to the various theorems based on the figures or dealing with them.