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CHAPMAN. One whose business is to buy and sell goods or other things. 2 Bl. Com. 476.

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George Chapman, above, was suspected of being Jack the Ripper but it could never be proved; a poster for the capture of Jack The Ripper, top right and bottom right, another Ripper suspect James Maybrick
Both arguments see in Sir Giles Goosecap a roman a clef and they look to George Chapman first as the comedy's author, second as a play-wright likely to pursue this kind of topicality, and third, of course, as one of the figures portrayed.
We were pleased to have an exemplary group of candidates presented to the committee," said George Chapman.
Dozens of suspects have been named for the killings, including Polish-born wife-poisoner George Chapman, lawyer Montague Druitt, whose suicide coincided with the murders stopping, and even Prince Albert, the Duke of Clarence.
He's one of the better fishermen in Southern California, if not the Western United States,'' said George Chapman, 79, of Woodland Hills, who with Okui is a member of the San Fernando Valley-based Sierra Pacific Flyfishers club.
Earlier in the novel, the narrator says, of the baseball star George Chapman, "Following Chapman during his great season, I somehow thought of him as my alter ego, as an imaginary part of myself that had been innoculated against failure"; in Hand to Mouth, Auster wards off failure by innoculating himself with footnote-sized doses of it.
Groom George Chapman was slashed with a knife when he disturbed a late- night intruder throwing white paint over a Welsh pony at a stud farm in Galashiels last August.
Walcott's book represents a Caribbean interpretation of Homer's work, and as such should be considered part of the line of translations that, starting with Livius Andronicus, stretches to the present in English through Alexander Pope, George Chapman, Robert Fitzgerald, and the more than two hundred complete and partial versions of the Iliad and the Odyssey to have appeared since then, culminating in the latest creations of Robert Fagles, Allen Mandelbaum, and Christopher Logue.
NYSE:HCN) announced today that George Chapman, the company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, will participate on the REIT Executive Panel at the Stifel Nicolaus Senior Housing & Healthcare Real Estate Conference on January 17, 2012 at 3:00 p.
It was at a dance - she had loved dancing since the age of five - that she met her husband, William George Chapman.
Ford's Hospital resident George Chapman pushed the rst breeze block from his living room to kick-start the giant domino topple.