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Among the germicides, nitrofurantoin has the most human pregnancy data.
It is unknown how keyboards and keyboard covers should be disinfected, since there's "just no data" on how frequent germicide use might impact their durability, circuitry, and electronics, he said in a telephone interview following the meeting.
Deodorants prevent odor formation by using a germicide to kill the odor-forming bacteria, usually along with a perfume to provide a pleasant odor.
Inorganic chemicals, unpleasant taste colour and odour chlorine herbicides pesticides germicides and rust other toxins is removed by So[sim]Safe activated granular carbon cartridge.
Because raw produce can enter the kitchen harboring many bacteria that simple washing can't eliminate, several research groups developed nontoxic germicides for disinfecting fresh fruits and vegetables (153: 340*).
In response to the highly critical 1990 GAO report, EPA officials decided to conduct efficacy tests on all registered medical germicides, starting with sterilants, the highest classification.
Reprocessing of reusable needles and syringes by use of liquid chemical germicides cannot guarantee sterility and is not recommended.
Traditional water baths must be routinely monitored, cleaned, refilled and maintained with harmful germicides.
anthracis in this study because it is closely related to the anthrax-causing bacillus and is slightly less susceptible to germicides, Dr.
The new hospital-grade germicides are a good example, since they're also considered heavy-duty cleaners.
Smooth, nonporous surfaces were easily cleaned and disinfected, while porous surfaces or crevices and joints constituted barriers to penetration of liquid germicides.
CDC recommends that liquid chemical germicides registered by the EPA as "sterilant/disinfectants" be used for high-level disinfection.