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These findings, in conjunction with antigen expression, suggest that PELs/EC-PELs arise from terminally differentiated B cells that have gone through the germinal center reaction.
Primary cutaneous follicle center cell lymphomas and large B cell lymphomas of the leg descend from germinal center cells.
In reactive inflammatory infiltrates, the lymphocytic component may be mild to severe and dispersed, or associated with well-formed germinal centers exhibiting discrete mantle zones.
23) The major criteria for this distinction included monomorphic lymphocytic infiltrates, cellular atypia, germinal centers, and architectural disruption.
Follicular Hyperplasia With Progressive Transformation of Germinal Centers
Germinal centers are the site of antibody production within the periphery of lymph nodes and are populated mostly by B-cells.
More recently, gene expression profiling has been used to distinguish 2 types of DLBCLs with either a germinal center or an activated B-cell phenotype; the former has a better prognosis.
Their characteristic histologic features include preserved nodal architecture, florid follicular hyperplasia with reactive germinal centers, protein and IgE deposits in germinal centers, germinal center necrosis, eosinophilic infiltrates, proliferation of post-capillary venules, sclerosis, polykaryocytes, eosinophilic folliculolysis, and prominent eosinophilic microabscesses (figure).
Larocca et al (27) have demonstrated that most PCNSLs seem to be derived from the germinal center as evidence by the frequent expression of BCL6 in non-acquired immune deficiency syndrome PCNSL.
15) Based on this model, most DLBCL can be classified as germinal center derived or activated B cell derived.