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Invasive techniques include gastric biopsy which is stained with routine haematoxylin and Eosin (HandE) and application of special stains like Giemsa stain, toluidine blue and Warthin starry stain.
donovani parasite was respond to food colorings and stained well in comparison with giemsa stain as control stain depending for parasite staining.
Caption: Figure 4: Drop-shaped unidentified elements in fecal smears stained with Lugol's solution (a) and Giemsa stain (b-c).
Further, the slides were stained with Wright's giemsa stain and then subjected to microscopic observation.
After treatment with HCl, the slides were rinsed in running tap water for 5 s and dried before staining with the aceto-orcein and Giemsa stains, as described above.
Schachner recommended Gram stains, potassium hydroxide testing, and Giemsa stains whenever a neonate has pustules.
The methods used for diagnosis were wet mount, Giemsa stain, Pap stain and culture on Kupferberg medium.
Pylori, modified Giemsa stain was done on one section including antral and corporal mucosa6.
Tzanck smear was taken from each patient at presentation and stained by Giemsa stain for giant cells and evaluated by histopathologist.
Routine hematoxylin and eosin stain on one slide and Giemsa stain on the other slide for the demonstration of H.
Thin blood smears (TBS) were made immediately, fixed with methanol for one minute and stained with Giemsa stain, complete blood analysis was carried out.