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GILL. A measure of capacity, equal to one-fourth of a pint. Vide Measure.

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Meanwhile, Gill from her bed cries out at them, calling them thieves.
The salmon, swimming near the surface, as is their custom, run their heads through these meshes, and are prevented from going on through by their larger girth of body, and from going back because of their gills, which catch in the mesh.
From the egg, then, the individual developed slowly into a higher form, just as the frog's egg develops through various stages from a fish with gills to a frog with lungs.
Two distinct organs sometimes perform simultaneously the same function in the same individual; to give one instance, there are fish with gills or branchiae that breathe the air dissolved in the water, at the same time that they breathe free air in their swimbladders, this latter organ having a ductus pneumaticus for its supply, and being divided by highly vascular partitions.
I exclaimed; and he held his breath, and looked very blank, turned white about the gills, and went away without another word.
A healthy young slip of a gale from the breath iv it, sir," he answered, "with a splatter iv rain just to wet our gills an' no more.
Nope, it ain't the valley of the moon," agreed Billy, and he said it on the evening of the day he hooked a monster steelhead, standing to his neck in the ice-cold water of the Rogue and fighting for forty minutes, with screaming reel, ere he drew his finny prize to the bank and with the scalp-yell of a Comanche jumped and clutched it by the gills.
And at the same time he had the advantage of seeing his own face, clean- shaved and round, rosy about the gills, and with the thin sensitive lips formed exactly for the utterance of those delicate witticisms which had made him such a favourite in the very highest society.
Under the new regulations, a vessel in the EEZ or having fished in the EEZ with a drift gill net aboard may not possess Spanish mackerel.
Additionally, Gill Industries' plant in Mexico was on a separate ERP system, further contributing to the islands of information and multiple data entry points.
The new property will also immediately allow for the expansion of Gill's farm-to-table program and, in June, for use as additional property by Hi-Hills Summer Camp, a division of Gill St.
Gill, 39, was this month banned from running companies for seven years following the collapse of London-based The Property Bureau (UK) with debts of pounds 2million.