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GILL. A measure of capacity, equal to one-fourth of a pint. Vide Measure.

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Gilles de Retz showed decent form only once thereafter and was exported to Japan after an
Gilles De Bilde has yet to be given a shot at Villa
Gilles - tied up with Hearts until the year 2001 - reports on his progress for French football fans in sports paper L'Equipe.
As President of EMEA, Gilles Souche's main responsibilities will encompass devising fresh strategies aimed at fostering the company's market share in the region, identifying new business opportunities and maintaining current ones, as well as managing the company's sales team.
Gilles will retain his position on the Board of Directors of Valley Commerce Bancorp.
Just like his famous relative - none other than the legendary international footballer Zinedine Zidane - Gilles takes your breath away with his sublime skills.
Gilles says he wants to infuse a strong team mentality that surpasses the confines of the design office: "We have reached a level where there isn't that age-old competition between engineering and design and I want that to continue, because my job is not only to get the outside world excited about design, but to get the entire inside world excited about design, too.
Like the works of Jean-Luc Godard, Nagisa Oshima and Richard Lester, Gilles Groulx's first feature rejected traditional production practices and dealt with the political and social issues that were galvanizing young people everywhere.
And, as a teacher, it was a nice respite from having to know all the answers,'' said Gilles.
Jefferies said: "People think that by bringing in Antti Niemi, we were saying that Gilles will be leaving Tynecastle but that's not what I want.
Life has names like Siobhan, Brian, Millie, Scarpota, French Chris, Gilles, Gotscho, Geno, Amanda, Alf Bold, Ric and Randy, Kee, Inoue, Nyoro, Chisato, Tamika and Cee-lo, David, Dieter, Kiki, Cookie and Vittorio and Max, Suzanne, and Jimmy Paul.
Lombardo & Gilles Partner Jeff Gilles started looking for a new system to create a more paperless office and also to modernize the firm's e-mail management system, which was costly, paper intensive and time consuming.