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GILL. A measure of capacity, equal to one-fourth of a pint. Vide Measure.

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Gilles debe reflexionar sobre cierto caballero de Anjou que un dia le mostrara un manuscrito de magia y alquimia.
The plan offered a similar early retirement benefit, but Gilles did not qualify for it at the time of the sale.
As CEO, Gilles will oversee strategic planning and lead product management and operations.
Lawyers for mother-of-three Mel had argued she had to name Gilles to get a restraining order against Belafonte, 42.
The "America's Got Talent" judge claimed that the locker contains 12 to 15 boxes filled with sex tapes and photos of Gilles and Mel B's estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte.
Gilles got the first of his hat-trick in six minutes when he powered home a low shot after Michael McCann's effort was blocked.
With: Francois Papineau, Alexis Martin, Sophie Bourgeois, Andree Lachapelle, Gilles Renaud, Janine Sutto, Gary Boudreault, Clemence DesRochers.
HIS famous French cousin did his talking with his magic feet, but Gilles Zidane prefers to use his hands.
Gilles acknowledges Chrysler's design office has made some mistakes over the past few years, but he's ready to take corrective action to return the automaker to its former design glory.
People like Gilles Elmalih, akathe "Jerusalem Elvis" (Blue Suede Jew, BBC2, Monday).
Ralph Gilles is the design whiz who is breathing new life into Chrysler's premium brand.
1972 96m director, script and editor Gilles Carle, producer Fernand Rivard, cinematographer Rene Verzier, music Pierre Brault; with Micheline Lanctot, Donald Pilon, Reynald Bouchard, Robert Rivard and Willie Lamothe