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The leaflet was originally produced around eight years ago after the group took on a project to clear the ginnel paths, which had become over grown.
I enjoyed playing No Monster Club's Christmas gig in Bodkins and supporting Ginnels for their Crowns album launch.
Uniformed officers remained vigilant, manning the cordon which blocked off several ginnels.
No chimneys, cats, pigeons or ginnels (whatever they are) - all blown away by the force of Monday's explosion and the high-pitched wailing, shouting and screaming that has been going on ever since.
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are parked by one of the ginnels running like warrens behind the streets.
People should keep their mobiles and other possessions safe and out of sight, especially if they are walking alone during the night and in secluded or unlit streets or ginnels.
For instance, you'd be wise to keep your eyes and ears peeled in the ginnels behind the Philharmonic pub - and the denouement in the tunnel beside the Anglican Cathedral's graveyard puts a seal on a satisfactory night of ghost hunting sprinkled with titters and shivers that kids, especially, will love.