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I enjoyed playing No Monster Club's Christmas gig in Bodkins and supporting Ginnels for their Crowns album launch.
We are hoping to start putting in steps for the newly discovered footpath, clear the ginnels of rubbish and spruce up Town End.
Roaming the alleys and ginnels, visitors will be entertained by an assortment of musicians and bands including songs of the sea from the Men of Staithes and concerts throughout the weekend.
A quirky feature is its ginnels - little alleyways - all over the town.
For instance, you'd be wise to keep your eyes and ears peeled in the ginnels behind the Philharmonic pub - and the denouement in the tunnel beside the Anglican Cathedral's graveyard puts a seal on a satisfactory night of ghost hunting sprinkled with titters and shivers that kids, especially, will love.
Letters have been sent to residents reminding them of their responsibilities and the majority have made an effort to move them off the pavement up alleys and ginnels.