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Gipsies and particularly Romany children experience enough problems as it is without inaccurate, biased articles being written.
Harrison argues that Arnold's speaker "exposes his limited political understanding and inadequate social vision, urging the gipsies to recover the 'fragments' of their past in order to reconstitute their present and future lives as a 'placid and continuous whole'" (372).
As homes have become investments, commuters moved into villages and with land a valuable asset to be owned, gipsies and travellers are sometimes seen as a problem by the settled community.
But John Wilson, Novas' assistant director for gipsy and traveller services, said: ``Keith Hill is entirely correct when he says local authorities should take pro active steps to delivering authorised sites for gipsies and travellers.
But yesterday, Mr Berry, 47, said he has lived permanently on travellers' sites in the past without moving around and been given the status accorded other gipsies.
The row flared after the Deputy Prime Minister called for positive action to combat discrimination against planning applications made by gipsies and travellers and for councils to do more to reach agreement with them.
Guidance on Equality in Planning, released by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, encourages local councils to do more to reach agreement with gipsies and travellers.
The couple has been trying to keep two caravans on a private site at Homestead Lane,Wrexham, on the basis they are both gipsies.
But the Court of Appeal ruled this was flawed as the inspector did not properly consider whether they should be treated as gipsies given that they no longer travel.
Gipsies are an occasional problem throughout the country.
Mr Phillips said: 'Discrimination against gipsies and travellers appears to be the last 'respectable' form of racism in Britain.
LEGAL proceedings to evict gipsies from sites in Coventry and Warwickshire could fall foul of a change in European case law which has granted gipsies the same rights as council tenants.