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And her stormy relationships with Gladiator Ace, singer Dane Bowers and Manchester United striker Yorke have never been far from the headlines.
The model, who has dated Gladiator Ace and soccer star Teddy Sheringham, was recently linked with grand prix driver Ralf Schumacher.
Then she dated TV Gladiator Ace - real name Warren Furman.
And Gladiator Ace, real name Warren Furman, adds: "I train in the evenings so I don't feel day is over as soon as the sun goes in.
But her former lover, Gladiator Ace, has revealed that she was too kinky for him.
We weren't surprised to find stacks of fresh fruit and veg and hunks of lean meat and fish in the LEC refrigerators of England and Spurs hero Teddy Sheringham, rugby hunk Kyran Bracken and Gladiator Ace.
FOR Gladiator Ace, fame and fortune have been no help to his love life.
Andrew Thomas, Gloster Gladiator Aces of World War H, London and N.