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GLADIUS. In our old Latin authors, and in the Norman laws, this word was used to signify supreme jurisdiction, jus gladii.

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They call it the Gladius, as in the short sword used by Roman Legionaries.
Featuring a rugged design, industrial-grade components, and configurable peripherals, our Gladius G0975 tablet provides the ideal solution for increasing productivity and reducing cost in a retail environment.
Solid, safe and so far very reliable, the Gladius does exactly what you expect it to do - every time.
The new Gladius is based around a tweaked SV650 engine in a smart new chassis.
In his unpublished notes, David Banks Rogers, the first curator of anthropology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, described the find of the most fascinating and significant archaeological evidence for our contention that Xiphias gladius and the Chumash had a special relationship.
SPAsoft has integrated the Gladius 5, with their BMS Android app, onto delivery and collection modules via WiFi connectivity.
Not a huge amount has been changed but it now uses the same engine that's fitted to the Gladius - which is also a 650c V-twin and puts out 68bhp.
Xiphias gladius catch (2003) Zhou (2003) Oncorhynchus tshawytscha spawner density Hanson et al.
To be sure, it was easy enough for local folk to imagine slaves lugging my wife from supermarket to palace on a glittering throne, before dipping her in a bath of ass's milk; but I did not cut the popular image of a gallant Roman soldier, raging around the fields of conflict - wearing a white tennis skirt, a glistening shield and iron shin-pads, while brandishing a bloodied gladius in a threatening manner.
Such a pattern is also seen in central North Pacific swordfish, Xiphias gladius, which spawn close to the islands and large banks of the Hawaiian archipelago (DeMartini et al.
The ancient Roman Legions are armed with two pila, short spears, and a sword called a gladius.
Powered by a 650cc V-twin engine, Suzuki built the Gladius with new riders in mind.