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Structured interviews for the Glasgow Outcome Scale and the extended Glasgow Outcome Scale: Guidelines for their use.
8%) who had a delay in diagnosis, the following factors were analyzed: age, sex, clinical status according to the grading system of Hunt and Hess (9) at initial visit and at the time of definitive admission, size and location of aneurysm, delay in diagnosis, and score on the Glasgow Outcome Scale.
Severity of injury was based on the admission Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) result and the outcome on the Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) 3 months post trauma.
The Company drug, dexanabinol did not demonstrate efficacy as measured by the primary clinical outcome endpoint, the Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale.
6 years) after injury by telephone interview according to the Glasgow Outcome Scale (good or moderate disability=favourable outcome while severe disability, vegetative state or dead=unfavourable outcome) and a quality of life measure based on the Health Utilities Index Mark 1 (5) which assesses motor, cognitive and cardiorespiratory function, degree of disability and psychosocial development.
Significant clinical and statistical differences between the drug and placebo-treated groups were not observed in measurements that included: the Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOSE), regardless of the prognosis of the patients at entry; intracranial pressure (ICP) in the first days after injury; calculated cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP); the level of community integration (CIQ); quality of life (SF-36 Health Survey); mobility skills during rehabilitation (Barthel Index); and the incidence of mortality and other severe and non-severe adverse events.
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