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Glucose intolerance -- generally thought to occur when the body cannot cope with large amounts of sugar in the diet -- is the first step on the path to metabolic syndrome and adult-onset diabetes.
which concluded that low-calorie sweeteners lead to glucose intolerance and disruption in gut microbiota which in turn may be associated with increased obesity and diabetes, suffers from several limitations that diminish the generalizability of the findings.
The svelte female may not have glucose intolerance or prediabetes, but she might have insulin resistance.
A study was undertaken to determine if hypertension in Bahrainis was associated with the same factors as those related to glucose intolerance.
Notwithstanding the 5 international workshops devoted to GDM that have been held between 1979 and 2005, there is lack of agreement concerning the optimal method to identify "any degree of glucose intolerance.
Women in the reproductive age in the UAE are found to have high incidences of glucose intolerance, diabetes, obesity and vitamin D deficiency, all of which are associated with decreased fertility and high risk pregnancies and deliveries.
Researchers also found that long-term feeding of a HF diet to mice caused obesity and glucose intolerance with increased fat volume, fat size and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPAR[gamma]) protein.
Dongsheng Cai, MD, PhD, and his colleagues at Yeshiva University evaluated inflammatory changes in the hypothalamus that have been associated with metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms including glucose intolerance and central obesity.
There was also increasing insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes) and glucose intolerance in mice having high levels of CGA," he said.
There were also increasing insulin resistance and glucose intolerance in mice having high levels of CGA," he said.
The risks associated with low levels of vitamin D are too alarming: increased risk of various cancers, cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes, glucose intolerance, and auto immune diseases to name a few.
5 percent) have glucose intolerance, a pre-diabetic state and major precursor to diabetes.