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will display their multi-position hot stamping solution, automation solution for waste-removing die cutter, digital solution for digital quality testing machine and high speed folding solution for high-speed folder gluer etc.
CartonSpec inspects and records data on 100 percent of the folding cartons fed into the folder gluer at speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute.
purchase or MAD automata deshydrat, coating stations, microtomes, cryomicrotomes, automata coloring, gluing, stainer + Gluer stations, automated immunohistochemistry, recorders, controllers pr cyto blades scanners ts fl.
so[id bands, an RF gluer, mortise and bore machine, veneer hot press, splicer and dipper, panel saw, spray booths and finishing equipment, shaper and computers.
The plant is equipped with a 110-inch BHS corrugator, a Mitsubishi Evol flexo folder gluer, two Martin flexo folder gluers, three Martin rotary die cutters and is a 100 percent conveyored operation.
Theobald TM, Cauley JA, Gluer CC, Bunker CH, Ukoli FA, Genant HK.
Trials run over a range of speeds of 6,000 -- 18,000 units per hour on a Flexo Folder Gluer showed no negative effect on productivity with a final package reject rate of 0.
To further boost their growth trajectory, Principal Packaging received a further grant award of Au45k, supported by Au450k of asset finance from Lombard, to purchase a multipoint folder gluer machine.
announces the installation of a new flexo folder gluer at its packaging plant in Ville LaSalle.
Visitors will also see an integrated case erector, packer and gluer, which builds a batch of product, erects an RSC case, loads the batch and seals the top flaps with hot-melt glue.
Helen Gluer has been hired as new CEO by Queensland Rail.