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Vegetarians could go short of iron and B vitamins, especially B12 found only in animal and dairy foods, so a supplement is a useful safety precaution.
I would be hesitant to go short on ARBA given its strong run higher over the past several months.
I'm prepared to go short but still want to look stylish.
USDCHF - One-sided forex crowd sentiment extremes have led three SSI-based trading strategies to go short the USDCHF, and our short-term forecast remains fairly bearish the US Dollar against the Swiss Franc.
But if you go short at IG's 30, you stand to win far more than you lose.
CHICAGO -- Richard Rhodes says the current rally is 'terminal,' though he's not yet ready to go short.
On the first-day head-to-heads, go short of Stuart Appleby at City's one.
Meanwhile, the market should offer investors a fantastic entry point to go short, as suggested by the stock's new stochastics reading.
It makes it all the more obvious that relatives and friends have to rally around as well to ensure these elderly and vulnerable people don't go short of liquid intake and food.
USDCHF - Recently aggressive USDCHF buying has given our forex trading strategies contrarian signal to go short the currency pair.
Also, today's session should yield market participants a nice window of opportunity to go short, according to NTAP's recent stochastic index.
The infant will not go short of anything, especially dummies and hormone injections.