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Whether you want to trade share CFDs, index CFDs or currencies; if your chosen market is falling, you could go short on your trade with the potential to profit from any fall in that market.
Similarly, if the trader chooses to go short and prices rise, losses will be incurred.
Unison has drawn up plans for medical emergencies, but warned that hospitals would run out of items like bedpans and go short of hand gel, gloves and food.
Runner beans must not be allowed to go short of water.
Vegetarians could go short of iron and B vitamins, especially B12 found only in animal and dairy foods, so a supplement is a useful safety precaution.
Another benefit of this style of passive replication is the potential to create liquid and tradable hedge fund index products that allow investors not only to go long a hedge-fund tracking instrument but also to go short.
Efford fears good causes who rely on the lottery could go short.
Using this example, we look at how you can go short on the currency pair following the downgrade of German banks.
Additionally, CFD trading enables you to go short, allowing you to profit from a falling market, as well as in a rising market, by going long.
Therefore, had you analysed your chosen market more thoroughly, you'd have known that a detrimental report was due to be released and would have decided to go short and 'sell'.
If that happens, then look to go short against the high.
Since my win, I haven't had to worry about cash and I know no member of my family will ever go short again.