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But the order to Indian firms to go slow is attributed to fears in India that the Trump Administration may soon impose harsh sanctions on Iran, which could trap Indian funds and equipment in Chabahar, the Express and other Indian newspapers reported last week.
Thoroughly accessible to young students, GO SLOW WHOA Nutrition is a brief, educational DVD about basic nutrition and learning to make healthy choices.
The writings are grouped under three subject headings: Reasons to Go Slow, Promoting the Slow Books Movement in the Academic Library, and Beyond the Academic Library: A Lifetime of Slow Books.
Indian private sector banks such as ICICI Bank (NSE: ICICIBANK) and HDFC Bank (NSE: HDFCBANK) have instructed staff to go slow on the sale of insurance products.
11) he would see a picture on page 31 of a go slow protest against rising fuel costs that was held in Salford, Greater Manchester, which was led by a shire horse and cart.
Despite a go slow by workers, Pikitup is working hard to collect refuse from its customers.
KARACHI, August 01, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The PALPA Go slow has caused a substantial loss to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).