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Their only chance to beat Conduit yesterday to go slow, not make it a stamina test, yet Golden Sword went for home about two furlongs too early Ray of hope Sir Michael Stoute has left Mirrored in the Mile at Goodwood, so maybe I haven't done my cash just yet
And help could be at hand thanks to some laidback Italians and their Go Slow movement.
Each shirt and sarong has a story and initial response to Mad Gringo and his Go Slow mantra has been strong.
In Glasgow's Southside, the Go Slow Cafe is another operation aiming to be at the heart of local life.
Sometimes you're gonna go fast, sometimes you're gonna go slow, depending on the wind, the traffic,'' said Castroneves, Hornish's teammate at Team Penske.
Our memories may be faded But they'll forever last Some days will go slow Others will go fast
To them, the export of surplus commodity was the beat solution to the problem, but their hopes have dashed after TCP's go slow policy.
There's a long history of 'moderates' asking civil rights leaders to go slow and not be so radical," he points out, offering as an example Martin Luther King Jr.